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It is said, ‘Communication works for those who work at it’…

The term ‘Business Communication’ sounds a bit drab, colorless and boring as it is often associated with tons of tedious text, prepared speeches and other such perceived monologues on a variety of sleep-inducing topics. But communication of any type isn’t jaded when you look at the different ways in which you can communicate to make it effective, namely, written, verbal, non- verbal/visual, and paralanguage!

A three dimensional space especially, is a great chance to use some or all of these ways to *say it, like you mean it*!


image in blog 7


To make this space compelling, persuasive and productive, two common challenges are

1. To create a symbiotic relationship between written and spoken messages.
2. To find one common platform to speak to people from diverse background and perceptions (about your brand/company)

You can see more at http://www.osk.de/messe

Do you have similar examples to share from your recent experience?

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