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About me


I was born and raised in Chennai, a coastal town in South India. I currently live with my family in Cologne, Germany. My early years in India and later Singapore give me strong Asian roots while my exposure to European culture, people and cities give me a unique way of seeing and interpreting the world.

I have an aptitude for strategic thinking, analyzing and creative ideation. I choose to freelance as a way of engaging with a business/brand and hence the light-hearted allusion to being a Barefoot Executive – the type of people who contribute to a team without fringe benefits (barefooted as opposed to well heeled! but having said that, I do invest in shoes 🙂

I love to travel, write (mostly about unsung heroes and un-acclaimed places), take pictures some of which are shared on Instagram, indulge in chocolate tasting and debunk ridiculous Asian stereotypes in Europe! When I am not expanding my German vocabulary I am on my yoga mat twisting, turning, bending, sun saluting, meditating and most importantly breathing — to let go and start afresh every day.

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