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Mountain sports are an uncommon pursuit in India. My compatriots and I covet mountains typically as a backdrop for a Bollywood production or a photograph. Against the light of this ethnic propensity, it’s perhaps slightly odd that our family was keen to explore skiing.

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January 7, 2018

The Odisha Odyssey

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The Chilika lake in Odisha, a state on India’s east coast, is the subcontinent’s largest wintering ground for birds. The lake’s rich ecosystem attracts over a million birds every year from far and wide.Over a 160 bird species travel several thousand kilometers from places as far as Russia, Siberia, Mongolia .

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India and Germany occupy two ends of the car wash spectrum. Germany applies the machine-over-man technique – the country is after all the automation capital of the world. And India, with its vast human capital, the man-over-machine principle.

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