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Internet Attention

With more than 200 million websites on the Internet, the biggest challenge for online businesses is simply to attract attention and even more so, retain it. The term for internet attention is stickiness – it is a combined measure of the time a visitor spends on a site + number of visits per person in a give time + number of pages viewed per person. While stickiness is a measure of attention on the Internet, just being sticky doesn’t necessarily guarantee success.

It’s not just the number of eyeballs but, who they belong to and how to persuade the owner of those eyeballs to ‘buy’ into your company/product/service. Page impressions are certainly passé. An array of mind-boggling data that is produced under a seemingly scholastic title of ‘web analytics’ has rendered them so. Web analytics is forcing businesses to measure success beyond the stickiness factor. The new emphasis is to engage eyeballs and persuade them to bring about a behavioral change.

While the bean counters are mulling at the quarterly profit and loss , its worthwhile for every business using their online presence as a revenue generator, to invest time and resources in Web Analytics.


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