creatio ex nihilo?

April 16, 2012

It’s the end of a long and interesting assignment at work and the only thing on my mind now is a three letter word beginning with S 😉

(what are you thinking ?)

The place I have chosen to take that thought to fruition is a little spa town in the Blackforest. This town claims to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul and as you would guess, I fell for it.

Besides rejuvenation, also on my agenda in this trip, is the task of completing a long overdue blog post. It’s not that I care so much about posting regularly (remember this space was never intended to be a regular blog in the first place, though it technically is) but I care about connecting with you. This space offers me a chance to speak to you whenever you are ready to read what’s on my mind. It’s a great way to sync in, facilitate dialogue, or simply keep in touch, so why call it a blog and dilute its purpose and effect?

To tackle this item on my agenda, I try to follow some popular tips offered by accomplished writers, hoping that some of them will turn on my creativity like a faucet. For example, taking long walks, tuning into the sounds of birds, particularly the cuckoo (given where I am right now), and tuning out of my iPod playlist. But this didn’t help much with writing as much as it did with shedding adipose tissue and honing my bird spotting skills.

Then I try soaking in the mineral rich springs of Baden-Wurttemberg confident they would somehow recharge my dormant greycells and aid in writing a piece that is worthy of posting, sharing and reconnecting with you. But again I fail in the writing part. Somehow for me the mineral springs seem to set my thoughts off more along the lines of grooming, vanity and beauty naps – not writing!

After a few more such failed attempts at writing, in despair I try a shorter, more luxurious, more expensive route – I invest in a bottle of Blaue Spaetburgunder in the hope that the polyphenols might help my unfocussed mind, but instead I find myself in the kitchen trying to fix a dinner that would pair well with the local wine.

Hmmm…I do remember reading somewhere that to speed up the creative process you have to actually slow down. But how much slower can I walk, soak or sip a glass a wine? This whole creative process thing is making me more impatient than productive, I conclude. And then it hits me.

It’s not discipline, grey cells or creativity that I lack, but rather an idea, a story, a thought or in other words, a purpose – an answer to the question, “what is it that I want tell you -here and now?”.

I have realized just that…Eureka!(the walk, the wine and the spa didn’t go in vain).

Right now, this is all I want to share.

But next week, I will tell you why I write in this space – in my next blogpost, in this very space, (not very far from now).

In the meanwhile, could the above be an example of creativity ex nihilo?

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