April 23, 2020

The Tangible and Intangible Elements of Leadership in the #StayAtHome Times

Social distancing has brought us very close together, face to face, virtually. Even in the pre-corona times, one didn’t sit so close to one’s teammates to spot the fine lines on their face. Now every gray hair, wrinkle, and crease is broadcast (and alas even recorded!) simultaneously alongside daily discussions and decisions.

While video conferencing and online meetings have been in existence for decades, the new public health necessity currently denies leaders other forms of connecting and team building. The weekly luncheon date, that firm handshake, the hug, the foot waggle, and even the ebola-elbow are now all too unhygienic. 

Our collective confinement disrupts the way we work, collaborate, and lead. It forces us to re-think new and effective ways to exhibit leadership and inspire the team in the era of social distancing.

Here are some useful reminders shared in a lighthearted manner to lessen the gloom and fear that overshadow us.



The Tangibles

Business Attire

Phone and laptop cameras render leaders in three (screen) sizes – gallery, active, or mini. The latest trend in work attire is button-down shirts with yoga pants, silk blouses with a velour tracksuit bottoms, and Birkenstocks for the board meeting. You would agree that sneakers serve little purpose these days. Contemporary business attire demands a chic or dapper look only waist-upwards. This mild sartorial liberation adds many valuable minutes to a leader’s workday. Still, it would be wise to rearrange one’s work wardrobe to reflect hygiene (the current global trend) and inspire the team with a smart #workfromhomelook adapted to a screen.