September 19, 2012

(A one hour, mid-week, mid-day corporate program  to reduce stress, enhance clarity and improve the state of your mind, leaving you a better manager, an inspiring leader and above all a human being)



We read to stay updated, do sports to stay fit, we listen to music to calm our nerves, meet friends to feel connected, but there’s little we do to sustain a positive state of mind. Right?

When our mobile phones run out of battery, they blink an empty battery sign as a helpful recharge message. Unfortunately we professionals don’t come pre-installed with such a similar recharge message that could forewarn people around us of the state of our mind and more importantly, what we need. So usually, most of us go about our daily chores and life’s pursuits without stopping to recharge our mental batteries.

The outline of the one hour complimentary Recharge! program for the modern, multi tasking super-duper managers is,

  • Desktop Yoga
  • Three breathing techniques to detox
  • Followed by a 20 minute guided meditation


For those of you with a mathematical bent of mind, this first step program in based on the equation,

Refueling (O2) + Reposing in oneself = Recharge!

As a part of my involvement with the International Association for Human Values (IAHV), as a corporate trainer and a student, I offer this program to my friends and colleagues, as a round the year goodwill gesture.

The purpose of the program is the same as that of the IAHV’s: to reduce stress and develop leaders so that human values can flourish in people and communities. Recharge is a first step program to enhance clarity of mind, shift attitudes and behaviors, and develop leaders who wish to harness and thrive in multicultural wokring groups. See more at:

Do drop me a line with questions you may have.

wishing you the best, UM

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