SoleSearching – A Barefoot Executive’s quest for a new sole (oh well, a pair …)

July 19, 2013

What is a common need between,

– a mother with little kids,
– a top dog in the corporate world,
– a freelancer, an artist, a musician,
– a cook, a plumber, a grandmother
– a teacher, a doctor, a garbage remover.

The need for a break. A pause. A breather! Summer Holidays?

Regardless of what fills our wakeful hours, we are bound by a common need for a break from routine, to recharge and restart.

There are different ways people pause (besides sleep). Sometimes we travel, sometimes we do sports and some of us do Yoga, sometimes we engage in fun, light hearted trivial pursuits, like I just did – I did SoleSearching UM in the suburbs of Cologne.

SS11 SS10 SS9 SS8SS7 SS6 SS5 SS4 SS2 SS1 photo DSC_0035 DSC_0016 DSC_0013 DSC_0011 DSC_0005 078.NEF 062.NEF 058 052

And I have to admit it refueled my Soul 😉 and as you would guess, this project did lead me to a pair of soles for this season! (now, only if the sun will come out….)

This activity gave me a chance to look at the moods and personalities of women (and some kids) and I am still intrigued by the affinity the X chromosome has for a pair of soles.

The pictures of the Soles (above) are those of ‘everyday people -everyday women’ – women who had no prior information that I would snap a picture of their soles. These pictures aren’t meant to be pretty or interesting as a photograph but rather to just capture what met my eyes. The story each sole told me would take me hours to tell you. So I would rather save that for a face to face meeting ….(besides, I am always looking for reasons to meet you, ain’t I?)

That was one of my lazy summer projects. What is/was yours?

What are you doing this summer? I would love to know. I would love to hear from you. Maybe you have pictures of your favorite soles to share…?!

Übrigens … Ich denke, es ist schön ein paar Zeilen auf Deutsch zu schreiben. Heutzutage sind viele Leser dieses Blog sind Deutsche! Zufall oder einfach nur unvermeidbar, weiß ich nicht. Aber eines ist sicher: Es ist immer schön, etwas anders als gewohnt zu tun.

‘Sole Suche “in deutscher Sprache ist …? Sohle-Suche, oder?

Frohe Ferien

Bis Bald/Until Soon, Uma


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