Summer 2009

March 28, 2010

Faced with the dilema of having to choose either the mountains or the beach as the backdrop for a summer vacation, we decided to have it all. Yes, we decided to move the mountains, swim the seas and be in the country side all in one holiday. In short we went on a Roadtrip. We drove from Cologne to Paris to Cote d’ Azur. It was a lot of driving ofcourse, (about 3000 Km overall) but we loved this trip for the flexibility and variety of sights we saw. We followed our own schedules, stopped anytime to devour a sight and the best of all, made detours!

In fact. it was the sum of all these detours that made a great trip! If we had stuck to the route (highway) as deemed by our navigation system, we would have simply arrived on time. We would have reached our destination minus the fun and the excitement that comes with the unexpected…. the fun which comes with spontaneity.

We rented a car to avoid the wear and tear of our own vehicle and also for better mileage. It seemed a wise thing to do in these ecenomic times.

To test our memory and retention factor on the sightseeing we did, we are now playing “where in France did we spot this?” game, with the pictures we took !

Would I recommend such holidaying for a family? Well, only if you want to challenge yourself with a different way of holidaying. If Roadtrips are your way of ‘taking-a-break’, then hats off to you!!!


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