The DNA of an Entrepreneuer

March 28, 2010

There’s plenty of information circulating the web about the genetic charactersistics of an Entrepreneur. Are they Born so? or are they Made? No matter how a person arrives at Entreprenuership, we have several real life examples to emulate and identify the common threads. Of all these common characterictics , the one that is least higlighted is an Entrepreneur’s ability to build a network of Business Evangelists inside and outside the Company/Business.

Business Evangelists (nothing to do with the religion), but people who would market the Company, its Product and Services in a way that can have a greater impact on an individual than tradional advertising and marketing. The collective Goodwill of these Evangelists is simply abysmal. They serve as Agents working 24*7 days taking a fledging company to its next level of growth or a growing company to a stage of exponential growth. Often a chunk of these Evangelists are the company’s Product/Service users who would help to ‘sell’ more.

However, the lesser known Evangelists are those who bet on the Entrepreneur based on their individual interactions. and no, these Evangelists dont carry a Business card or wear Badges but they are simply people from different walks of life who have seen the Entrepreneur when the Spotlight was not on him.


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