The relaunch….the Re-entry

March 28, 2010

The re-launch… the re-entry…
Re-launching myself as a professional after years of being Kids-bound wasn’t as simple as I believed it to be. For one, the global economic outlook has made it worse for aspirants like me to re-enter the workforce. While those who were in various rungs of the corporate ladder have been dislodged from it by the global crisis, how could those who took a sabbatical, expect to set foot in it again – that too at this point in time?

The decision to run my own race not only stemmed from Market conditions but also from the fact that I believe, that I have no other contenders in my race. Yes, I am, like you are, the One and Only. There is no other person who’s life is exactly matched to mine, just like there is no one exactly like You! So why put ourselves in a ‘race’ that makes us an ‘also ran’, just by being in it?

I wanted to go solo…barefoot…sleeves rolled up, bursting energy, eager to learn and more importantly not afraid to fall. Striving to make a difference for the better, I wish to run… not a race but a journey, where success would be a metric measured by me.

For my maiden Blog (as a repackaged professional), I juggled between different ideas that would give the reader an insight of the writer. I thought of ‘Random facts about myself’ which is so in vogue in the Social Media. But decided against it for fear of sounding too ‘wannabe’. Then I thought ‘Trends 2009’ would be a good subject to blog as a pro and that it would instantly put me in the league of professionals with original thoughts, ideas and thereby greater audience. Just as I spotted some trends, I realized, writing about trends when more than half of the calendar year was ‘Past’ wasn’t so trendy after all.

It takes a while to find one’s space. I found mine in-between trend spotting and pondering facts about myself – Attitude. Sometimes that’s all it takes to sail through stormy seas.


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