Why I write in this space…

April 29, 2012

It gives me a chance to touch base with people who matter to me and my work. It gives you a non-intrusive way, to browse the thoughts of the barefoot executive. (You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want to, right?)

The thoughts, ideas and viewpoints I share in this space have the potential to spur a discussion between us – discussions that could potentially lead to bigger things for both you and me! When I say bigger things I don’t mean it in a parochial way of profit driven business models and opportunities, but rather a more fulfilling and enriching life experience! Have you ever thought of that…? A possibility to do something fun, to learn together, trade our talents, write a song together…? That’s an exciting possibility!

On the professional front, I have a resume to confirm me as a qualified professional, but I need something more to make myself memorable and employable in the eyes of a potential client. This is very important because there are so many talented people out there, with the same keywords in their resume, like ‘marketing’, ‘communication’, ‘freelancer’ and so on, with the word ‘expert’ suffixed to highlight each skill . I never claim the word ‘expert’ as a noun or as a verb in written and verbal exchanges with people who I might work with – not because I don’t know what I am good at, but because there are so many factors that come into play to be successful in a project. It’s partly intelligence, partly human relations and partly attitude. So, what I write and have written in this space, offers the reader a glint of light into my attitude and mind – the mind a typical resume and 60 minute coffee meeting can’t reveal. Besides each individual blog posts adds authenticity by exemplifying some of the key claims made in my resume.

This space gives me a chance to interpret a situation, an incident or place in my own way. “….it’s a creative outlet for someone who has a point of view and is brash enough to publish it” – remember? if the viewpoint is not revolutionary or too original, you can still make it unique and effective in the way you communicate it. In this age of apps and digital tools, information will always be a click away, but it is how you interpret and connect different bits of information that is becoming more and more valuable to businesses.

This blog is my mental gym, my creative outlet and I would also like to share it with people JFF*


Bow and arrow


Being the hunter and the prey at the same time!

As a freelancer, I frequently find myself in something called the ‘hunting phase’, where I need to find or create my next assignment that is worthy of time, money and experience. This hunting phase demands networking, connecting, drinking liters of coffee with potential clients and considerable pitching before I’m rewarded. But given that I have only been freelancing in this country /city for three or more years, I have a limited but growing local business network to tap on. But I realized that I could benefit from the business network of my social circle. So I devised a ruse to help me in this hunt. While I don’t expect my social contacts to turn around and fill my work hours with exciting new projects, I realized I could use them as references. I speak to them through my blog and they speak for me when they hear of an opportunity. “Hey, I know a person …..you could look her up online …she even has a blog, some barefoot ….” and so it goes. However, this is not the only way it works. But often, this is how a new contact or relationship begins!

For me it is a blog, but perhaps for your line of work it’s a podcast, a video, an illustration, a Facebook update, a series of tweets, a joke….anything actually, even a good sense of humor or originality presented in a casual yet interesting way to people you know can speak about you or make you memorable in a crowded suppliers market.

And I believe that all of the above, plus the good work you do, will somehow manifest itself into another new opportunity at work!

BTW, when are we meeting?!

*JFF – just for fun

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